How We Became the Highest Rated West Hollywood Plumber

Highest Rated West Hollywood Plumber

Although Mr. Speedy is not the only plumbing expert in West Hollywood, we are proud to say that we are one of the highest-rated companies with the highest rated plumbers in the area. How we made it to that position is a story of sheer vision, determination and complete dedication to excellence which has to […]

Flint Michigan Replacing All Its Pipes With Copper

Flint, Michigan, contaminated water

Flint, Michigan To Replace Tainted Water Pipes With Copper The mayor of Flint, Michigan, Karen Weaver, recently announced that the city intends to replace its entire system of outdated water pipes with copper piping. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that there is a serious problem with […]

Huge Underground Reservoir of Water Discovered in California

Underground Reservoir of Water in Central California

New Study Finds Massive Underground Reservoir of Water in Central California. Good news! Just when California though it was facing a critical water shortage, a new study has revealed that the state has a huge underground reservoir of potentially usable water that we didn’t even know we had. The underground reservoir, between 1,000 and 3,000 […]

Yelp Is Not Suing South Park

No! It was just a Joke: Yelp is not Suing South Park  On 14 October, 2015, the US cable network Comedy Central aired Episode 4 of the nineteenth season of the long-running animated series “South Park” The show shamelessly – and hilariously – lampooned the local-business review site Yelp. Everyone in town becomes a pompous Yelp […]

Solutions to The Global Water Crisis

Solutions to the Global Water Crisis The Earth is in a water crisis. Of all the water on Earth, only 2.5% is fresh water. The other 97.5 percent is salt water. Of that water, 70% is locked in glacial ice, and another 30% is in the soil. That leaves 0.007% of the total water on […]