Los Angele Sewer Line Service

Our Los Angeles Sewer Line Repair
Services Include:

  • sewer

    Sewer Blockages - We will clean any grease, waste or a wandering object that caused the clog
    in your sewer line and prevented the proper water flow.

  • leaking-joint

    Leaking Joints - We will replace any decayed or broken joints of your sewer pipes that caused the leak.

  • broken-pipes

    Broken Pipes - We can replace your main sewer line if it suffered any breakages or cracks due to natural elements
    like earthquakes, soil setting, and frozen ground.

  • tree-roots

    Tree Roots - We can clean your sewer line of any ingrown tree roots blockages and treat it permanently.

  • pipes

    Pipe Corrosion - We can clean or repair any corroded pipe that had a rust blockage preventing the water flow.

  • old-pipes

    Old Pipes - We can repair any old or outdated pipe, as well as replace our whole main sewer line with new PVC or ABS pipes.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

We present to you the amazing Trenchless pipe repair, a non-invasive type of way to repair your sewer pipe.

If you need a sewer repair service, the last thing you want to pay, besides the sewer line repair cost, is the expense of setting up a new lawn.

This is why trenchless sewer line repair and cleaning is such a great way to fix your problem without adding a new one.
Mr. Speedy Plumbing Los Angeles will fix your sewer pipes just as efficiently without digging up half of your lawn.

The benefits are endless

as this method of sewer line repair will not only save you money, they are also permanent and up to standard repairs that usually take less than a day to complete.

This is also a great and fast solution for condo owners as many people may depend on that problematic sewer line.

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    How it’s done?

    Instead of digging for a problem around your backyard, our professional plumber will use a small camera to inspect the inside of your sewer line.

    The live transmission of the camera will show every breakage, clog, tree root, or even corrosion happening in your main sewer line after which Mr Speedy plumber can determine the best course of action to fix the issue.

    It may be that your pipes just need a good hydro-jet cleaning service to push out all the debris restricting the line.

    Alternatively, your pipes may need a ''place pipe healing'' (CIPP) to re-line the damaged pipe with resin.

    Whatever the problem is with your sewer , our licensed plumbers will repair it in a speedy fashion.

    FAQ's Sewer Line Issues In Los Angeles
    What are the most common signs
    of a damaged/blocked sewer line?

    If you happen to notice any of these signs, make sure you call a plumber to inspect your pipes, as most of them indicate to sewer line problem.

    • WATER/SEWAGE COMING BACK UP  - if you notice water or sewage coming back up through the drains, there is probably a blockage of some kind in your main sewer line preventing the water and waste flowing away from your home.

    • SLOW DRAINING - When waste piles up on the sewer line's walls, it may reduce the diameter of the pipe, as if you replaced it with a straw. This is what makes it hard for water to flow down the pipes faster, and what will eventually cause a slowdown in your drains.

    • SEWER ODOR - If you can smell sewer from your drains and spreading through your house, it is possible that your sewer line is damaged and is leaking raw sewage. Besides leaking, there can also be a clog making the sewage sit in your pipes and that sewage can back up through your pipes and into your home.

    • A CHANGE IN YOUR YARD - If you notice a puddle or a flood in your yard on a sunny day in Los Angeles, it may be that your sewer line has a leak and the sewage water is expelled up on the surface of your lawn.

    Why should I hire an expert
    for sewer line repair?

    No matter how apt you are at repairing your sewer line, you will soon reach a point where your pipes just cannot endure any more repairs.

    The outdated pipes in your home are wasting your money in many different ways, but if you hire an expert to replace them, you will actually save money in the end. An expert is also the only one that can get you familiar with just how far the sewer line technology goes. You can upgrade your sewer line and give it a modern twist with joins sensors and camcorders for easier sewer line monitoring. This way you can examine your sewer pipes yourselves.


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