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Get $50.00 OFF, Hydro Jetting:  Schedule an Appointment Online or CallHydro Jetting is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to remove tree roots and any type of debris from any sewer line or tank in Los Angeles. Hydro Jetting effectively removes sand, silt, scales, hair clogs, paper clogs, and tree roots from sewer lines or drains.

When do you need Hydro Jetting?

If you are experiencing backups in your toilets, sinks and drains every time you flush a toilet or run any faucet, chances are you have a major obstruction in your sewer line.

This blockage is often caused by build-up of excessive paper (especially paper towels) and other foreign objects (like baby wipes)  that have gotten into your sewer system, or by underground tree roots or the roots of grasses and plants which have intruded into the pipe and continue to grow, preventing water from flowing freely and causing backups.

Sometimes the obstruction can be cleared by cabling the line. However, cabling becomes less effective beyond a distance of 100 feet. When cabling won’t cut it, Hydro Jetting is the most effective way of clearing even the most stubborn sewer line stoppages.

Scale Buildup

Benefits of Hydro Jetting:
Better Than Cabling – Clears Better Than Rooters;
Extremely Effective – Results Last Longer;
Cost-Effective – Clears & Cleans The Line.

How do we do Hydro Jetting? How does it work?

1. Video Camera Inspection

When our plumbing technicians arrive at your home or place of business, the first thing they do is to camera the line. We have the latest fiber-optic video camera equipment, which tells the plumber exactly where the stoppage is, and lets the technician (and the customer) take a good look at the obstruction.

If there are roots impeding the line, we will see them; if it is a line blockage caused by excessive build-up, we will see it; if the pipe is broken, we will see it.

The camera also shows us exactly how far into the line we will have to insert the hydro jet hose in order to reach the obstruction.

2. Pressure Jetting The Line

After we camera the line and know more about the nature of the obstruction and its exact location, we then insert the Hydro Jet hose into the line. The Hydro Jet has a special cleaning nozzle which delivers up to 5,000 psi of high-pressure water.

The cleaning nozzle is inserted into the line. Sometimes we need to do several passes before the device fully scours away those extremely stubborn blockages such as tree roots.

Question: Why do we fill up the hydro jet machine at the customer's location and not at the shop?

Good question. Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. Our hydro jet machines hold up to 300 gallons of water. That would weigh 2,400 pounds. It is illegal and dangerous to tow that much weight behind our vans. So we bring them to you empty and we fill them up at your location.

3. Quality Inspection

Once we believe we have cleared the obstruction, we again camera the line with the sewer line camera to make sure that the blockage has in fact been removed, and that the line is cleared and that water can now flow at peak capacity. Sometimes we need to do two or more passes with the Hydro Jet to clear the obstruction. We then check to see if all toilets flush and all drains flow.

Frequently-Asked Questions About High-Pressure Jetting (Hydro-Jetting)

Question: If a hydro jet machine is used to clear roots out of my sewer line, won't they grow back?

Answer: Yes they will – sooner or later. Roots naturally seek water, and there is always water in and around plumbing/sewer pipes, so the roots will seek the water and grow back, but not for a while.

Tip: Place some rock salt in the ground around the spot where the roots were intruding into the pipes. This often prevents the roots from growing back.

Question: Isn't cabling a line just as effective as using a hydro jet machine?

Answer: No. Nothing is more effective than hydro jetting for clearing a sewer line obstruction. Cabling sometimes only bores a small hole in the obstruction, allowing some water to flow through, but it will back up again pretty soon. Also, cabling is not effective beyond a distance of 100 feet. Hydro jetting not only breaks up the obstruction completely, it also washes the debris away, and it also scours the insides of the pipes and really cleans them out.

Question: Should You Have A Sewer and Drain Camera Inspection?

Answer: Definitely. If you are experiencing any kinds of problems with your drains, pipes or sewer, the first thing you must do is conduct a video inspection. If a pipe is clogged, broken, damaged or compromised in some way, the video inspection will immediately show you what the problem is. And after you’ve fixed the problem, you must always camera the line a second time to make sure everything is flowing smoothly.

Question: If tree roots have invaded my underground plumbing lines, and you remove the roots with the Hydro jet machine, do I need to replace my damaged pipe/s?

Answer: Yes, ideally you should replace or at least reline the damaged parts of the pipe. We have the equipment – known as “trenchless technology” – to replace or reline an underground pipe without the need to do too much intrusive digging. Call Mr. Speedy and ask about Perma-Liner trenchless pipe replacement technology.

Call Mr. Speedy Plumbing & Rooter Inc. next time you have a sewer line obstruction. We have several models of the latest Hydro Jet machines from US Jetting Inc., and our plumbing technicians have undergone extensive training in their use.

Hydro jetting is great for removing even the most stubborn obstructions in sewer lines, and is also very effective in clearing grease traps and drains in restaurants and institutional food-service facilities.

Check our locations to find the nearest Plumber for Hydro Jetting or Sewer Line Cleaning Services!


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