The Real Benefits Of Distilled Water Explained

Distilled Water Benefits

For a molecule so essential to human life, “distilled water’s” existence when tap water is just fine is a bit befuddling, especially if you’re not exactly sure what to do with the stuff. Turns out, it’s good for more than confusing you at the grocery store, or steaming your clothing. And, in true turns out […]

Do You Need to Filter Drinking Water for Lead?

Drinking Water

Do you need to filter drinking water for lead? Most municipal water supplies are safe. They are constantly monitored and tested. Any water found to contain contaminants is immediately treated. However, even if your water supply is clean, old lead pipes are known to put lead into your drinking water. And if your drinking water comes from a […]

Lithium in Los Angeles Water Reduces Alzheimer’s


Is There Lithium in Los Angeles Water? Is there lithium in Los Angeles water? And if so, is this a problem? Lithium is a water-soluble alkali metal found in igneous rocks and mineral springs. Lithium and its compounds have several industrial applications, including heat-resistant glass and ceramics, lithium grease lubricants, flux additives for iron, steel […]

Flint Michigan Replacing All Its Pipes With Copper

Flint, Michigan, contaminated water

Flint, Michigan To Replace Tainted Water Pipes With Copper The mayor of Flint, Michigan, Karen Weaver, recently announced that the city intends to replace its entire system of outdated water pipes with copper piping. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that there is a serious problem with […]

20 Ideas to Save Money by Reducing Your Water Consumption 2022

reducing your water consumption

Reducing Your Water Consumption Saves You Money The rainy season of 2016-17 has ended, and California now has some relief from the severe water shortage we have been experiencing for the past few years. The snowpack in California’s mountains was above average this past winter. Groundwater regulations enacted in 2015 to reduce California’s water consumption […]