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5 Questions to Ask a West Hollywood Plumber Before Hiring

5 Questions to Ask a West Hollywood Plumber Before Hiring

The 5 Questions to Ask To Make Sure You’re Hiring The Right Plumber

When many people run into problems with their plumbing, determining who to call to handle it is usually a bit of a challenge. Your plumbing isn’t something you should let just anybody to handle. At the same time finding a West Hollywood plumber that can do the job to your satisfaction is not always easy.

Of course, if you know the right places to look and ask the right questions, you will be able to find just the right West Hollywood plumber for the job from the tons of plumbers available for you to pick from. When picking a plumber for your repairs, maintenance or installations, what to look out for isn’t proximity to your location. But their ability to deliver on just what you want them to.

After carrying out your research and identifying viable options for your needs, there are questions your plumber should be able to answer satisfactorily before you can be confident enough to hand over the work to them.

Not being able to answer any of these questions to your satisfaction is a sign for you to back away and look for someone else if what you want is 100% satisfaction on your work. The answers to these questions shouldn’t be mere sweet-talk in order to sell themselves to you, but they must be supported with concrete facts and reliable track record. Here are some questions to ask:

1. Ask your West Hollywood plumber about your repair

When you place a call through to a plumbing company, try your best to describe your problem as detailed as possible. If the plumbing company sends a team over for an assessment, do not just assume that they know what they are doing and hire them based on what they say.

Ask as many questions as possible about your current problem, possible repair options, and their recommended solutions. You can also give them details of previous repairs and installations and seek their opinions about future ones.

Answers to expect

Your assessment should begin with the response you get from the front desk concerning your problem. After assessing your problem, the ability of a West Hollywood plumber to answer all your questions about your issues is an important factor to consider before hiring.

The plumber you are hiring should be able to satisfy your curiosity and answer all your questions about your plumbing. He should be able to:

  • Give you details about the fault stating possible causes
  • Suggest multiple solutions to your problems – if possible.
  • Recommend a preferred solution considering costs and what is best for you

Never trust a plumber who simply gives a one-way solution to your problem and expects you to go along with it. Your plumber should be able to impress you with how much he knows about his trade and if he can’t then maybe he’s not worth hiring after all.

2. Does the plumber have all the right tool, equipment and repair parts needed to handle the fault?

It’s one thing to have the brains, your plumber should be able to match his knowledge of your plumbing problem with the ability to solve it. Ask your plumber about the tools and equipment that will be needed for your work and if they have it available. If new parts will be needed for the work, ask if it is available.

Answers to expect

Because you are not a plumber, you will need to do your homework and research your plumbing issues yourself. Based on your plumber’s diagnosis, find out if the recommended method and equipment is the best for the job.

  • Your plumber should have the latest plumbing tools and equipment for the job. This includes tools for fixing your fault as well as for diagnosing. Being able to satisfactorily answer this question is a key factor in choosing a plumber.
  • Your plumber must use quality fixtures and replacement parts to ensure the longevity of installations and repairs.
  • Try to confirm if your plumber carries all the necessary tools and repair parts in their vans. You don’t want to hire a plumber that has to run back to his office to get a tool each time he needs it.

A plumber who lacks an effective means of doing your work will not only waste time on it but will also be unable to give you the best of repairs.

3. Ask questions about the mode and techniques of operation

How does your plumber intend to solve your problem? What techniques can be employed and which one does he want to use. how long is the repair going to take? Does your plumber offer a warranty on their installations?

You can also ask questions about how the plumbing company organizes its business. Do they send a team or it’s just an individual technician? Is their business automated or everything is manually organized?

Answers to expect

While there is no fixed answer to this question, a little insight into how a plumbing company operates is valuable in determining whether to hire or not. By learning of your plumber’s methods and techniques you will be able to tell if they are well positioned to give you the best. A company that still doesn’t use an automated software in this age and time might not be able to offer you the best of quick and satisfactory service.

4. Ask about the pricing

This is definitely one of the most important questions to ask. You cannot hire a West Hollywood plumber that you can’t afford to pay. To guide you through picking the best, you can make a comparison between the quotes given to you by the plumber and that of others

Answers to expect.

First of all, do not trust a plumber that gives you a quote over the phone. You should get a quote after the extent of damage and required repairs have been ascertained from assessment. Also, even though your plumber’s service should be affordable, it should be noted that a plumber who compromises quality for lower prices is just as dangerous as one that charges exorbitant fees. The best plumber should be able to give you the best of plumbing services at the least price possible.

5. Ask about your plumber’s liability

The same way you cannot trust a doctor without a license with your health, you should never entrust your plumbing work to an unlicensed contractor. Ask your West Hollywood plumber about his license. In addition to a license, your plumber should also be insured.

A good insurance policy is an important safeguard in the case of issues that might arise in the course of the work and is one of the main things to look out for when looking to hire a plumber.

Answers to expect

The plumber you will hire must have a current license with good standing. You will be hiring at your own risk if you decide to hire a technician who isn’t licensed at all or has had his license revoked for any reason at all. Also, check that the company is registered with a reliable insurance company with sufficient liability insurance in case of any mishap while on the job.

Finding a West Hollywood plumber that can satisfactorily answer this question might not be an exactly easy task. But it’s definitely not an impossible task as well. Mr. Speedy Plumbing and Rooter Inc. can satisfactorily answer these and all of your other plumbing related questions and deliver excellence on your repair works.

Mr. Speedy Plumbing West Hollywood is a licensed and insured plumbing contractor in West Hollywood area, which makes use of the latest techniques to handle all forms of repair, maintenance, and plumbing installation works.  Contact us for all your plumbing issues.

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