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Water leaking from the ceiling: what to do?

Water leaking from the ceiling: what to do?

Water leaking from ceiling
Water leaking from ceiling

Causes and Solutions for Ceiling Leaks

The water leaking through the ceiling is a situation no homeowner should ignore. No matter the volume, water can cause considerable damage to your home, especially if it reaches power sockets and other electrical components in your home.

In addition, your drywall will be ruined forever, which may compromise your home’s structural integrity. Finally, your moist walls can become a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Common Causes of water leaking from the ceiling:

There are many reasons why water may be leaking through the ceiling, some even unrelated to plumbing, like broken roof tiles. However, the following plumbing issues can easily be the cause of the problem:

Here are the most common causes of water leaking through the ceiling:

Broken Pipes– Broken pipes or even loose pipes can cause shower leaks. The pipes may be damaged and cause a leak, soaking the ceiling below.

Damaged Tiles– If the tiles in your upstairs bathroom are damaged, it may be the cause of the leak. Collapsing substrate and grout could also be the cause of this problem.

Broken Shower Faucet– A faucet dripping even when it’s turned off can cause your water bill to spike but also lead to water leaking through the ceiling. Likewise, a dripping tap can have another leak, only on the inside of the wall, soaking it along the way.

Clogged Drain– A clogged drain prevents water from going down the drain, and when that happens, water may overflow. If the tub overflows, it can easily lead to water leaks in your ceiling.

Signs Of Water Damage in Ceiling and Walls

When water starts to leak from your ceiling, it’s the most obvious sign of a water leak somewhere in your walls or pipes. However, some signs of water damage can be more subtle and still pose the same threat as the water dripping directly on your floor. 

  • Rust-Colored Stains-Not every leak is great enough to make water drip through the ceiling. Some leaks are so small they only soak, leaving a permanent watermark. The rust-colored stains indicate you’re experiencing a leaking pipe corroded to the point of causing a leak.
  • Water Accumulation: Ceiling, Doors, and Walls-Water accumulation can cause sweating and swelling of your ceiling and walls. In addition, if your doors are swollen and not closing correctly, it means there is moisture inside your walls, probably caused by a leak.
  • Baseboards, Trim and Wallpaper Detaching-These decorative features can get detached from your wall if there is excess moisture.

What To Do When Water Leaks Thought Ceiling?

Like with any other emergency, knowing what to do and in which order is essential to solving the problem. The longer you let the leak run, the greater the risk of water damage. So here are some tips in handling this type of plumbing emergency professionally and calmly:

Step 1: Identify the Source

The best thing would be to stop the leak as soon as possible, but how to do that if you don’t know the source. Try to identify the source of the leak since this will help you know who to call.

If you are confident that the source of the leak is a plumbing issue, you should shut off the water supply. One clear indicator that you have a plumbing issue is water leaking from the ceiling right below the shower.

Step 2: Grab a Bucket

Place the bucket directly below the leak in the ceiling. This way, you will protect your floors from any more unnecessary water damage. Next, shift your furniture or other valuable possessions from the leak’s location and open the windows to air out the room. 

Step 3: Call a Professional Plumber

If the water leaking through the ceiling was caused by a plumbing problem, you should call your local professional plumbing company for help. As this kind of problem constitutes a plumbing emergency, they will answer your call right away, making you and your water leak a priority.

You shouldn’t delay fixing ceiling leaks, regardless of the cost. Mr. Speedy technicians can help diagnose the source of the leak and repair it in no time. As one of the most experienced plumbing contractors in Los Angeles, we offer many plumbing services like water leak repairs, toilet repairs, unclogging pipelines, and more.

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