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Tips For Unclogging a Toilet

How to Unclog a toilet

It can be gross and unappealing, but unclogging a toilet is sometimes necessary. Even the fancy houses in Los Angeles suffer from occasional clogged toilets. And when this unfortunate event happens, the only way to clear the passage is to unclog it.

To avoid getting squeamish about the whole ordeal, here are some smart tips for you.

Avoid double-flushing: When you see the signs of a clogged toilet, don’t flush the bowl multiple times. The first flush, even when the bowl is blocked, will not make it overflow. However, the second one will surely make water and the bits and pieces in the bowl spill over.

Arm yourself with the right unclogging tools.

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Your health is of utmost importance and unclogging a toilet can be unsanitary. To avoid any diseases associated with this task, make sure to use a pair of hand gloves. If you have a pair of rubber rain boots, wear them as well, since spills and splashes can happen. Also make sure to use the right kind of plunger for the toilet bowl.

Protect the floor. Before you start unclogging a toilet, lay down some old towels or newspapers on the floor. This will prevent from staining or ruining the bathroom floor. The towel or newspaper will also make the cleanup later a lot faster.
Turn the ventilation on. Cleaning unsanitary and foul bits and pieces can be suffocating. To minimize the chances of toxic inhalation, turn on the ventilation, open the windows and the bathroom door.

Add a scoop of laundry detergent or several squirts of dish washing soap in warm water. It’s important to use warm water because a cold one may not be able to get rid of the dirt the clogged water brings. Too hot of a water, on the other hand, may damage the toilet bowl. The correct temperature is something similar to the hot water you use for your hot coffee or tea.

Mix the detergent or dish washing soap with the warm water. Pour the mixture into the clogged bowl and let the mixture sit for a few minutes to help the blocked bits and pieces soften on their own.

Use the right plunger if the soap and water mixture doesn’t work. Normally, a plunger is used when there’s a solid object, like a kid’s toy, blocking the passage. Press the plunger down firmly but slowly. The key to this task is to ensure that the entire toilet hole is covered and the plunger is submerged into the water.

If your DIY efforts fail or if you just don’t have the stomach to do the task, ask an expert to do the dirty job for you. Mr. Speedy is the best plumbing company in LA. They’ll sure be happy to take over so that unclogging a toilet doesn’t have to be done by you.

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