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Water Conservation Using The Sloan Flushmate Toilet System

If you’re looking for ways to reduce water consumption (and therefore saving money) in yur home, you should know about the Flushmate system from Sloan.

The Flushmate system uses pressure, rather than gravity, to empty your toilet when you flush. The Sloan Flushmate toilet uses the existing pressure in your water supply lines to empty your toilet.

Most of the leading manufacturers of toilets, including Kohler, American Standard and Glacier Bay make toilets installed with a smart Flushmate system. Unfortunately, you cannot install the Flushmate system into a gravity-fed toilet. The Sloan Flushmate toilet is extremely reliable and saves a lot of water with each flush.
The Sloan Flushmate Toilet System – Benefits
– Non-Sweating: because the water is held inside the toilet system, there is no “sweating”. Insulation isn’t necessaryand the floor around the base of the toilet is always dry.

– Saving Water: With the Flushmate system, your toilet uses less water than conventional toilets. Everyone wants to save on their water bill, and in drought areas like California there are other good reasons to reduce your water consumption. The FLUSHMATE® III lets you save 20% on your water use, while the newest FLUSHMATE® IV lets you reduce your water consumption by up to 45%.

– Better Performance: Simply put, Flushmate toilets perform better than conventional ones. The FLUSHMATE® system “pushes” waste out of the trapway rather than the traditional method of gravity siphoning, which needs a more complicated trapway. FUSHMATE’S trapway needs only one bend, eliminating the need to double flush. Flushmate toilets also have a larger water surface than conventional toilets, reducing odor and lets you keep the toilet bowl cleaner since it reduces the dry surface area. This reduces your housekeeping chores.
Sloan Flushmate Parts Are Always Available
Parts for the Sloan Flushmate system are easily available, as is troubleshooting advice. Have a copy of the Flushmate manual handy, and follow the instructions. To order replacement parts, all you need is the model number or serial number of your toilet.
Standard Toilet Installation
Flushmate toilets takes up the same amount of floor space as a traditional toilet. Your water pressure must be at least 20 psi for the FLUSHMATE III, 503 series and 25 psi for FLUSHMATEIV, 504 series. These standards are found in most residential plumbing systems.

How The Sloan Flushmate System Works

The FLUSHMATE® system works by trapping air as the bowls fills up with water when you flush. It then compresses the air trapped inside. The compressed air then forces the water into the bowl: rather than ”pulling” out the water using the traditional gravity method, the pressure “pushes” out the waste, resulting in a more efficient flush and a cleaner bowl every time.

Look For Flushmate With The WaterSense Label.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a partnership program called “WaterSense”, which is designed to reduce your water consumption while simultaneously protecting the environment. Toilets can be certified with the WaterSense label if they reduce water consumption by a minimum of 20 percent over traditional systems. You can also find the WaterSense system in certain models of faucets. The WaterSense certification is done by third-party independent laboratories after testing for performance and efficiency.

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