Welcome To Mr Speedy Plumbing Service!

Welcome To Mr Speedy Plumbing Service!

Plumbing Or Rooting? You Need to Know the Difference

Plumbing Or Rooting? You Need to Know the Difference

Do You Need Plumbing Or Rooting Service?

A Professional Rooter Service Will Remove Sewer Blockages

Blocked Drains?  Sewer Water Backing Up Into Your Home?

Here’s the scene; every time you flush the toilet or run a faucet, nasty brown stuff starts backing up – into the toilet, your sinks and tubs, even onto the floor.  This tells you two things.

(1)  You have a sewer obstruction

(2)  You need rooter services and

(3)  If you don’t call us and take care of this sewer problem immediately, you will soon be up to your knees in it!

Drain Stoppages Must Be Removed

An obstruction in the sewer line is a serious issue.  If not tended to, it can soon become a health hazard.  The problem must be dealt with by a skilled Service Technician.

He must have the right equipment, know how to use it, and have experience in handling all kinds of sewer and plumbing problems.

Try Pouring a Chemical Solution

There are many different methods and techniques which can unclog a drain and make it flow smoothly again.  The simplest blockages can sometimes be removed by pouring in a drain cleaner that plumbers use, which dissolves the stoppage then removes it.

Sometimes chlorine bleach or vinegar will do the trick.  It depends on the severity of the blockage.  If you need to remove tree roots from a pipe, Rootx can be effective.

Time to Plunge or Cable the Line

If pouring a solution does not unclog the drain, there are other techniques we can employ.  The simplest is the good old plumber’s plunger.  This forces water down the drain and the pressure of the water is sometimes enough to push the stoppage away.

If this doesn’t work, we have auguring/cabling devices which essentially drill through the obstruction and clear it.

Bring In the Godzilla of Rooting – The Hydro Jet Machine

For the most stubborn blockages, we have the latest technology – a machine to blast away the obstruction with a powerful jet of water.  This spray literally blasts away the obstruction and also cleans the inside of the pipes.

While a cabling device may sometimes do little more than drill a hole through the obstruction without actually clearing it, and a small amount of water may begin to flow, the obstruction will eventually stop the water from flowing once more.

The Right Plumber has all the Right Tools

That’s where Mr. Speedy comes in.  We have made a major investment in the latest Hydro Jet machines, and we use them every day on all our projects in Los Angeles Area.  These machines develop a powerful jet of water that blasts away even the most stubborn sewer obstructions.

A sophisticated device like this is far more effective than simply auguring the line with a plumbing cable (also known as a plumber’s “snake”.)  We use the Hydro Jet machine to blast away the entire obstruction, and it also clears the entire pipe – even cleansing the sides.

After clearing the obstruction, the entire pipe is now clear, clean, and allowing water to flow freely once more.

Experienced Sewer and Drain Technicians

Our plumbing technicians in Los Angeles are highly experienced in the use of all rooting and drain cleaning services.  Our guys all have years of experience, and there are very few plumbing issues which they have not confronted and solved.  They love what they do, they’re good at it, and they are proud of their workmanship.

An experienced, professional plumber with the right equipment is the only way to effectively resolve a sewer line issue.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Give us a call at the first sign of a problem.  Plumbing issues don’t fix themselves. No matter where in Los Angeles you are  we can bring our Hydro Jet machine and fill it with water.  The machine holds 300 gallons of water which would be impossible to carry so we fill it up on-site.

While the machine is being filled we bring out another piece of advanced technology – the sewer line video camera to camera the line.  We insert the video cable into your clogged drain or pipe until we locate the obstruction.

The camera does two things; it tells us exactly where the obstruction is so we know how far to insert the hose, and it shows us what the obstruction is.  We then insert the hose into the line until we reach the obstruction, and we turn on the power jet.

This incredibly powerful machine can develop a force of up to 5,000 lbs per square inch.  We then blast away the obstruction while cleaning the walls of your pipe at the same time.

When the obstruction has been blasted away, we send the video camera back into the line.  The camera tells us for sure that the obstruction has been cleared.  We then flush all the toilets, run all faucets, and make sure all sinks are draining properly and that there is no more back-up, the line has been cleared.

Don’t Delay – Clear That Stoppage Today

Neglecting a sewer line obstruction and not dealing with it right away with the right technician and the right equipment, will only get you into deeper trouble.  A line issue can soon develop into a health hazard for you others in the area.

Your water and waste must be able to flow.  Engage the services of a professional plumber who has the right equipment to blast away the problem.

Back-flow Prevention and Testing

We are also experts at backflow prevention and backflow testing.  Most buildings in Los Angeles and Surrounding area have backflow prevention systems in place that must be tested periodically according to local building codes.

We provide comprehensive backflow testing services, and also install compliant backflow prevention devices as well as providing maintenance and repairs to bring backflow prevention systems up to compliance with local building codes.

WHEN DO YOU NEED A Rooter Service?

The full name of our company is Mr. Speedy Plumbing & Rooter.  Plumbing services are very different from rooting services.  Plumbing services include repairing or changing a leaky faucet, fixture or toilet, installing a garbage disposal unit or a new hot water heater, repairing or changing faulty pipes, adding a new bathroom, a new toilet or a new sink.

Rooting, on the other hand, involves clearing a stoppage in a pipe, drain or sewer line.  Therefore, it is correct to call us both a “plumber” and a rooter Service technician.


Some drain clogs can be easily cleared, while some require more time and more sophisticated equipment. The simplest clogs can be cleared with a drain solution like Drano, or even with vinegar or chlorine bleach. If this fails, a plunger sometimes works.

WARNING: Don’t plunge after you have used bleach or other potentially dangerous chemicals.

For more stubborn clogs, professional plumber uses a “plumbing snake” or auger to cable the line, drill through the clog, and clear it.  To clear the most stubborn sewer line obstructions, we bring in the heavy artillery – the Hydro Jet machine.

This machine is the latest weaponry in the war on clogs and can produce a jet stream of water with a force of 5,000 lbs per square inch. This jet of water blasts away the toughest obstruction and also cleans the insides of the pipes.


If one of our technicians recognizes that the drain-chemical or plunger is going to work, he can usually do this quickly and you will be charged the minimum rate of one hour’s work.  If the rooting problem requires the use of an electric-powered cabling machine, it may take longer and of course, cost a bit more.

If the Hydro Jet is necessary it will require us to camera the line, clearing the obstruction with the Hydro Jet, then camera the line again to make sure we’ve succeeded in clearing the obstruction.


The answer is the time frame involved and the degree of service required.

Think of it as the difference between calling the doctor and calling for an ambulance.

Plumbing problems, may be handled in a slower time frame – meaning, it’s important but not always an emergency.

Changing a faucet or installing a water heater is not considered an emergency and can be done during regular business hours.  This works best for the customer who isn’t charged emergency rates for regular plumbing services.

Rooting problems on the other hand, are usually emergencies calls; a sink or toilet or a main line may be clogged.  Whether it’s at your home or business, it requires professional rooting services right away.

When you need rooting services, you may have to call in the middle of the night, after hours, or on a weekend. That’s an emergency.


YOU make an appointment to see the plumber

You call in a professional rooter in an emergency.

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