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Why Reviews are so Critical When Hiring A Los Angeles Plumber

Why Reviews are so Critical When Hiring A Los Angeles Plumber

If you have tried to hire a Los Angeles plumber, or have searched for plumber near me, you can testify to how rigorous and possibly confusing the whole process can be. A simple search online will turn up a lot of interesting options. Then comes the part when you scrutinize your options and choose the best plumber among the lot.

Soon, you will realize that almost all the plumbers you are considering offer the same set of services. They also promise the same things; each of them using nice flowery language to describe how fast, efficient and reliable their services are. It’s all advertisements, designed to help them get your attention.

If you are serious about hiring a great plumber, then you have to look beyond their nicely crafted sales pages and ads. BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: click here and google our reviews!

One of the best ways to hire a plumber is by word of mouth referral from someone who has hired the services of the same plumbing company in the past. Such a person must be someone close to you and with no biased interest in the company in question.

In the absence of such an option, the next best alternative is to read reviews. It’s very much similar to word of mouth referral since someone is still putting in a word on behalf of the plumbing technician and verifying their authenticity.

However, you get an edge here since you will be listening to the unbiased opinion of more than one person with no vested interest in the plumber. Needlessly to say, reviews are critical to the process of hiring an LA plumber. Here are some of the reasons why:

Learn from other people’s experiences

You want to avoid hiring a bad plumbing technician at all costs. It is a terrible experience that costs you more money than you ever want to spend. Rather than go through such experience, it is best to learn from others that have hired one in the past and can tell you how it went.

Reviews include both good and bad experiences from customers who have hired the same service you are looking for. While experience may differ from one user to the other, the average consensus will give you a good idea of what to expect when you hire any plumber. This can make all the difference in the hiring process.

No bad product ever states it on its label:

Ads are not always true. Even a terrible LA plumber will claim to be quick and reliable on their websites and promo materials. The only way to verify the truth of their claim is by asking someone who has hired them in the past. This is the only way to be sure they are truly what they claim to be.

It isn’t uncommon to find technicians who claim to offer services they are not equipped for or claim to have experience in certain repairs even when they don’t. If you cannot find any reviews that say the company was hired to deliver the kind of services they claim, then they are either being untruthful or aren’t as good at it as they claim to be.

Reviews save you trouble

Even though finding information is easy these days thanks to the internet, digging for the truth takes a lot more effort. To uncover the real face behind a fake business, you may have to go through some trouble. Unless someone has done it already. Reviews save you the trouble of digging for information on your own.

Dissatisfied clients will most likely look for a way to warn others to avoid falling for the same scam. By reading their stories, you can easily determine if the plumber you intend to hire can deliver to your expectations. Review platforms like Yelp even make this easier.

You can get a summary of what a community of people think about a business by simply checking the star rating. This way you don’t even waste your time digging for information about a company with a terrible track record.

Reviews let you know the things to expect

More than just avoiding scams and fake companies, reading reviews also helps you to know the things to expect from the genuine ones too. It is best to hire a plumber only when you are sure of the details of how they operate.

Information like how soon they arrive after you call, how much time they take on your work, and even how much they charge may be deal-breakers in some cases. Great reviews don’t simply state if the service is good or bad, they also give you details like this so that you know what to expect.

Being prepared like this will ensure that you get the best services when the plumber arrives. Some reviews can give you ideas of ways plumbers might try to subtly rip you off.

Reviews tell you the pros and cons before you hire

Even good companies have their weaknesses and it is best if you are aware of these before you hire. This may even influence your decision to hire or not. You can also learn about the pros and cons of specific services from the plumber you have already decided to go with.

This may include things like the non-useful services they may offer that you do not yet need or those that will cost you more. Similarly, by weighing the pros and cons of two plumbing technicians you get a bigger picture of their ability to meet your needs and decide on which of them is the better alternative.

Plumbers know that you read reviews

Every serious LA plumber knows the potential impact of customer opinions on future jobs. Thus, a lot of them do their best to deliver the best services knowing that any wrong move may tarnish their reputation. Thus, reviews indirectly serve as a form of quality control mechanism that pushes companies to do more.

Every plumber wants to get the top spot on Google reviews or Yelp. This enforces accountability and pushes them to want to serve you better. Of course, this can also be motivation from wrong practices as some unscrupulous plumbers try to sway public opinion by paying people to write fake reviews.

Thus, it is recommended that you learn how to identify fake reviews. Some of the things to watch out for include:

  • Date and time of the reviews: a bunch of reviews flooding a plumber’s yelp page within a short period is probably fake.
  • Check the reviewer’s profile and look for red flags. You can even Google the name of a suspicious profile
  • Check the language and tone of the reviewer


Hearing from real-life users who have hired an LA plumber in the past helps you to determine the reliability and credibility of the plumber before you go ahead. It is an important step in the hiring process that should not be skipped for any reason.

Even if you have a plumber on your list already, reading reviews before you sign a contract will give you the confidence to proceed or look for someone else. So take your time to check reviews even if you have recommendations already. Who knows? You might even find a better plumber in the process.

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