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Welcome To Mr Speedy Plumbing Service!

New Plumbing Technologies in Los Angeles

New Plumbing Technologies in Los Angeles

There was a time in history when the most sophisticated piece of plumbing technology was a water purifier. Today, when technology innovations are limitless, industries are blossoming, and the plumbing industry is no exception

Los Angeles was always among the cities which embodied technological progress. Everything new, better, and designed to make our lives easier will be implemented here first, tested by millions of consumers and users. For that reason, plumbers in Los Angeles are constantly looking for new technologies that will help them provide faster and better service to their clients. 

It’s safe to say they didn’t disappoint.

From smart plumbing to modern diagnostic methods and fault detection systems— every single plumbing service is designed to ensure hassle-free plumbing repair or replacement. So now, when you call your local plumber, you can expect a faster service with considerably less mess and technology that will make you look over your plumber’s shoulder for an entirely different reason. 

Let’s take a look at some of the innovations in the plumbing industry that will make you regret not becoming a plumber yourself.

Less invasive repairs -Trenchless technology

Modern piping systems are typically installed behind walls and underground. However, this innovation comes with a significant challenge.

How do you repair a damaged pipe behind a wall or under a foundation slab?

In the past, the only possible solution was to dig up the foundation or break through the wall to access the pipe. This is a highly destructive process, and you may end up spending more on repairing the walls and floor after the broken pipe has been fixed.

All that has changed now. Thanks trench less technology, it is now possible to replace old and worn-out pipes with new ones without incurring unnecessary repair costs. The technology provides a non-invasive and non-destructive approach to carry out pipe repairs.

After detecting the exact point where repairs are needed, a cured-in-place pipe or pipe liner is then inserted into the damaged pipe. This is a flexible resin-coated tube. This tube is then pulled or blown into the pipe and inflated. It hardens within a very short time. This creates a pipe within the old pipe sealing cracks and holes.

An alternative but equally effective new technology is the pipe bursting method. For this technique, a new pipe is pulled through the old one. Once this is done, the old pipe is burst or fractured to give room for the new. Experts only need to dig two access holes on both sides of the lateral pipe. No other invasive digging needs to be done.

Modern diagnosis systems

Detecting faults is one of the main challenges plumbers have to deal with. It is roughly half of the job. If faults are detected on time and accurately, the plumber can get to work without wasting time and fixed damages correctly.

New technologies in Los Angeles plumbing has brought us two of the modern diagnosis systems plumbers use include electronic leak detection devices and video probing tools.

Electronic Leak Detection: Finding a leak especially when pipes are underground or behind walls can be difficult. While a lot of plumbers still rely on try and error to determine the exact location of leaks, the best of Los Angeles Plumbers use sophisticated electronic detection systems to find leaks.

This way, damaged pipes deep underground or underneath concrete slabs can be conveniently diagnosed. The exact point of leak can be pinpointed for quicker and more deliberate repairs. Similarly, Plumbers in Los Angeles use sophisticated devices to detect leaks in gas lines. This is a safer, cheaper and more effective approach.

Video camera detection: when repairing clogged pipes, pinpointing the exact point of blockage can be difficult. But modern technology has eased up this process as well. Experts can now make use of fiber optic video camera systems. This tells plumbers the exact point of blockage and the object causing the blockage.

This makes it easier to clear up obstructions and unclog pipes in no time since plumbers can now tell how far into the line the hydro jet hose has to be inserted for optimum results.

Hydro Jetting & Hydro Jet machines 

Los Angeles plumbers that specialize in clearing out stubborn obstructions in pipes usually rely on hydro jet machines to do so effectively. This device can deliver water at high pressure of up to 5,000psi into blocked pipes.

This helps to clear out debris and other stubborn obstructions like tree roots. Because the water is delivered at such a high pressure, the pipe is scoured completely and even though obstructions are cleared out once and for all.

Modern plumbing installations 

Your local plumbers don’t just use new tools and machines to carry out repairs, they also install new technologies as well. In this modern world of smart homes and cloud-controlled gadgets, it makes sense that some of this sophistication is getting into the bathroom and kitchens in homes as well. A lot of these installations are not exactly new, but they only have become more popular recently.

  • Touch-less faucets: as the name implies, touchless faucets can be operated without a need for users to make direct contact with the faucet. This is not only a fancy way to turn the water on and off, but it can also be a healthy approach to using plumbing fixtures. The metal surface of traditional faucets may promote the spread of diseases and germs as people make contact with them. While hand-washing remains the safest way to prevent diseases transmitted this way, reducing contact using modern touchless faucet can reduce the spread of germs too.
  • Flood stop devices: household devices connected to water mains like the dishwasher, washing machine, water heaters, and toilets can potentially cause significant water-damage if something goes wrong.

Plumbing technicians are now helping homeowners to reduce this possibility by installing electronic flood detection systems. These devices can be installed in specific flood-prone areas of your plumbing.

They automatically detect faults in the plumbing and stop water from getting to these damaged areas thus effectively preventing or reducing the risks of a flood occurring.

  • Tankless water heaters: Water heaters are not new inventions. They have been in use for years. However, a major problem with traditional water heaters is the fact that they are not energy efficient.

They use up a lot of energy to heat a limited supply of water depending largely on the capacity of the tank. Technology inovations in Los Angeles plumbing has brought us the new and improved, tankless units. Tankless units, on the other hand, are energy efficient (as much as 50% more energy-efficient than tanked units).

  • This makes them a cost-effective alternative. With tankless units, homeowners also get an endless supply of hot water since water supply does not depend on the tank capacity of the unit. Because of these advantages, plumbers now recommend tankless units to homeowners who want to install water heaters in their homes and help them choose the best ones that suit their needs.


New technologies in Los Angeles plumbing make plumbing repairs a lot easier and speeds up the process. Installations and repairs are also more efficient and cheaper thanks to modern techniques.

You should only hire Los Angeles plumbers like Mr. Speedy that are aware of how these modern tools, techniques, and systems work. Ask your local plumber for the equipment they use to carry out repairs and how the plumbing technician is keeping up with modern trends.

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