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Welcome To Mr Speedy Plumbing Service!

Useful Tips To Keep Your Drains Clean

Useful Tips To Keep Your Drains Clean

Most homes in the USA have indoor plumbing. We take running water for granted. We never think that there might not be water when we turn on the tap. As long as we pay our water bill, the water is always on.

Water Use
Water use in the home: 30% of water is used flushing the toilet.

But as soon as a drain becomes blocked, we take notice. When the water doesn’t run, we take notice. We call the plumber, and it is now an “emergency”.

If it happens late at night or on a weekend, you will pay premium rates to get a plumber in West Hollywood to make a service call at those times.

How To Avoid Plumbing Emergencies: Keep Your Drains Clean:

The best way to avoid plumbing emergencies is to take some basic precautions and then do regular maintenance to keep your drains clean and the water running smoothly. At the very minimum, homeowners need to do the following to keep the water flowing smoothly in their homes:

  • Garbage Disposal:

This unit is one of the first things in your kitchen to cause backups. Don’t wait until your garbage disposal is full before you run it: run it as soon as there is any material in it. Never put fibrous materials like pumpkin peels down a garbage disposal: these things harden and then become a real problem.

Always use cold water when you run the Garbage disposal, and keep the motor and the water running for at least half a minute after everything has gone down. Failure to do this will simply cause the material to go further down into your pipes before causing another stoppage – and this one will be harder to clear and may need special equipment.

  •  Drain Covers:

cover all drains in sinks, bathtubs, showers. Use a simple straining device that prevents hair from going down the drains and causing problems and stoppages. These strainers should be screwed down so they don’t move.

  • Toilets: Don’t Flush Down Everything 

The only materials to be flushed down a toilet are human waste and toilet paper. One of the biggest causes of toilet stoppages is the build-up of paper towels, tampons, or those “disposable” wipes which are not disposable. Place a waste basket near each toilet in your home, and train your family to place everything but toilet paper in the wastebasket. Perhaps post a notice reminding your family and your guests about toilet flushing procedure.

  • Sewer Lines:

if your sewer line becomes blocked, you are going to have a  big problem real soon. These blockages can occur deep inside your sewer line, and waste will not be able to be removed from your home if there is a blockage in the line. If the blockage is less than 100 feet down the line, it may be possible to break the blockage with a rooting device.

Galvanized pipes

If the obstruction is more than 100 feet down the line, you will have to use a hydro-jet machine. This incredible device pushes a jet of water with a force of up to 5,000 lbs per square inch and breaks up even the most stubborn sewer line obstruction and washes it away. The hydro-jet also scours the insides of your pipes and returns them to an almost-new condition.

  • Hydrojetting is usually done in conjunction with a video camera. The plumbing technician will first camera the line to pinpoint the exact location of the stoppage and to get some information about the stoppage.

    After using the hydrojet and clearing the stoppage, the technician will then re-insert the video camera to make absolutely certain the stoppage has been removed. Sometimes it takes more than one pass with the hydrojet to clear a very stubborn obstruction. Always use a professional when doing drain cleaning in West Hollywood with a hydrojet machine

Working with Hydro Jet Machine requires an expert: that thing is so powerful if your put your hand in front a power jet, it will blow your fingers off.

  • Sometimes the line cannot be cleared because it has deteriorated to the point where it is falling apart and needs to be replaced. The video camera will show the technician the exact condition of the pipes. Those galvanized pipes in West Hollywood are up to 100 years old, and when a pipe decomposes, you have no alternative but to replace it.
  • “Trenchless Technology” is one of the best methods of repairing or replacing an underground pipe. This system relines or replaces a part of the pipe without needing to attend to the entire length of the pipe. Trenchless technology requires minimal digging, so we don’t disrupt your family and we don’t have to dig up your yard or harm mature trees.

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