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Hard Water in West Hollywood: Is That a Problem?

Hard Water in West Hollywood: Is That a Problem?

West Hollywood Water is Hard

In different parts of the country, surface water can be described as either “soft” or “hard”. Hard water contains a high proportion of minerals, particularly magnesium and calcium. These minerals are dissolved in our water as the water moves through soil and rock.


This map from the United States Geological Service (USGS) shows the different concentrations of hard and soft water in different parts of the country. Note that most of southern California, including West Hollywood, is classified as having “very hard” water.


USGS Hard Water Map

Source: United States Geological Services

What Does Hard Water Do?

Hard water makes your soap and detergents less efficient. You’ll have to use more soap or detergent and your results will still not be as good. Hard water also causes a buildup of scale on your faucets, fixtures and plumbing connections, especially if your water is naturally highly alkaline or if you add a system to increase the alkalinity of your home’s water supply. See our recent blog about alkaline water here.


Is Hard Water A Health Hazard?

No, hard water is not a health hazard to you and your family. In fact, the opposite is true. Hard water has been associated with a reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease, caused mainly by the increase in the amount of magnesium in the water. Hard water is also known to reduce the incidence of obesity and Type II Diabetes in adults.


If Hard Water is Not a Health Hazard, Why Soften it?

Even though hard water is not a health hazard and may even offer some health benefits, many homeowners choose to soften their home’s water because hard water often causes a buildup of scale.  This buildup of scale can block your pipes and fixtures and prevent water from flowing. This can happen on your faucets and the connectors to your appliances. Hard water can also cause pinholes to form in copper pipes. 


What Options Are Available to Soften My Water in West Hollywood?

Many people add a carbon filter to their home’s water system to increase the pH value (alkaline level) of their water. Alkaline water is considered to have several health benefits, including a reduction in the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. The problem is that once you install a water softening system in your home, your buildup of scale will increase. This buildup of scale can become a problem, and you may want to do something about it.


There are three types of water softening systems available to homeowners in West Hollywood who want to soften their water because of scale buildup.

1. Salt-Free Water Softeners.

This type of water softener is usually recommended for homes and commercial buildings with relatively low water hardness. Other people who may want to soften their water using this type of system include people who have high blood pressure, are on a low-sodium (or no-sodium) diet, and people who prefer their water softened without chemicals.

The system requires no monthly maintenance or additional monthly costs. It softens the water without the use of salt or potassium, therefore there is no need for an expensive reverse osmosis system for drinking water. The salt-free softener leaves in all the essential minerals for the drinking water requiring no chemicals, electricity, or backflushing to operate. Disadvantages
Not recommended for water that contains traces of oil, or H2S.

2. Salt-Based Water Softeners.

Salt-based water softeners remove the calcium and magnesium present in the water using salt.

Longer life of appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters; less use of household cleaning products, such as detergents, as well as personal care products, like shampoo; reduction of water spotting; cleaner, softer feeling clothes.

Softened water from a salt-based water softener is not recommended for drinking, watering houseplants, lawns, and gardens due to its sodium content. There are many health risks associated with sodium intake

3. Electronic Water Softeners.

Electronic water softening uses copper coils to soften your water. This type of water softening is recommended for apartments or single family homes where there is not enough space to allow for a whole house water softening system to be installed.

The Electronic devices are very expensive compared to other methods of softening water.


Have Your Water Tested.

If you think your water needs softening or contains any contamination of any sort, you can have the water in your home tested for contaminants. Mr. Speedy Plumbing West Hollywood provides comprehensive testing of your water supply, and can then advise you on whether you need to install a water softening system. 

Whether or not you add a water softening system to your home, to remove the buildup of scale on your pipes and your fixtures, call the leading West Hollywood plumbing Contractor, our experienced plumbers can install a variety of water-softening systems in your home or place of business, will remove your scale buildup and get your water flowing again.



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