Welcome To Mr Speedy Plumbing Service!

Welcome To Mr Speedy Plumbing Service!

Mr. Speedy Plumbing In Los Angeles Going Green & Totally Paper Less

Mr. Speedy Plumbing In Los Angeles Going Green & Totally Paper Less

A Green Plumbing Company Covering Los Angeles

When our plumbing technician has finished his job, he cleans up (of course) and then he takes out a smartphone, pulls a stylus from the back, and has you sign for the work on his smartphone and you get your invoice sent direct to your Inbox. We are a “green” company with a totally paperless office.

 So what does it take to become a “green” plumbing company?

First, you have to develop a CMS computer software program that can handle every transaction of the business electronically. Ours is a custom computer program which took years to develop and probably cost $250,000 to build and test.

The next investment we had to make was the purchase of smartphones.
Everyone in our office – every plumber, every dispatcher, each member of our customer-service team, every driver, and every executive – has a smartphone. We are using the Samsung Note II – the type which lets you write on with a stylus. And we love it.

For so many reasons. It has everything we need. Our dispatchers can locate the plumber currently closest to the location of your home or business. We can get the plumber there fast by texting him the address to his next assignment.

We also post your Work Assignment to our system, so the plumber can check all kinds of details ranging from your address, your current plumbing issue, and your customer history.

Then we use the system to find you quickly and without error. The plumber will get there fast using the system’s GPS. And the vans themselves are equipped with another GPS device, which lets us locate the position of each service vehicle on a map. We know exactly where each plumber is at all times. Our dispatcher uses this to determine which of our vans is closest to you so he can get there in the shortest possible time.

If our plumber needs equipment, parts or tools to resolve your issue, his smartphone is linked to the company’s inventory, which will tell him exactly what’s in his van, what’s in the shop, and what he will have to go out and buy to complete your assignment.

Our corporate executives and master plumbers use the smartphone to communicate challenging plumbing issues to customers and field service technicians via video. Solutions are often devised involving several company people conferring online at the same time.

And when the job is done, you sign with the stylus on the smartphone and we send your Invoice direct to your email Inbox.

Being fully computerized and “green” doesn’t only save paper: the system saves us time. Big time. And because time is money, any business that can save time is also saving money. Since we computerized, we have been able to service our customers so much faster and so much more efficiently.

Dispatch times have been cut in half, our plumbers never get lost, your invoice never gets misplaced, and our customer service people can do a better job because they’re in touch with everybody – our customers and our service technicians – all the time.

What If You Need A “Paper” Document Or Invoice?

Even though our paperless system is wonderful, sometimes our customers still a need a printed document for record-keeping purposes. This applies especially in the case of property managers, law firms, estate executors or other family members.

We recognize this need, and are always available to print and send in the mail or by Fax a printed copy of any invoice or Work Order you might need for tax or management purposes. Just give our great customer service team a call, and they will be happy to take care of your request.


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