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Welcome To Mr Speedy Plumbing Service!

Showdown: The New Godzilla Versus The Water Heater

Showdown: The New Godzilla Versus The Water Heater

The New Godzilla Versus The Water Heater.

A Humorous Look at the New Godzilla Monster


What would happen in a showdown between Godzilla versus the water heater? With the release of the latest “Godzilla” movie from Warner Bros International, we took a humorous look at the legendary monster. We compare Godzilla to a water heater, with a tongue-in-cheek comparison of the different features of Godzilla versus the water heater.

We take a look at the new Godzilla monster and compare him to a water heater in terms of age, height, weight, demographics and other fun issues. In most cases, Godzilla is older, heavier, taller and generally superior to a water heater in every way.

Press Release Format

The piece was written in the format of a formal press release. We had a lot of fun with it. See our release here. Enjoy.

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