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    If you are a West Hollywood homeowner, property manager, or business owner, you probably already know Mr. Speedy is the plumber West Hollywood trusts. And everyone has seen their blue-and-white vans all over town.

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    Damage to underground pipes caused by tree roots?

    A Common West Hollywood Plumbing Issue.


    Most West Hollywood homes are older, with established gardens and mature trees especially those homes in the Hollywood Hills, have ancient bell-and-spigot pipes.


    Over time, small gaps can form in the joints between these pipes, and tree roots inevitably intrude into the pipes. When this happens, there is no alternative but to wash away these intrusive tree roots with a powerful blast from a Hydro jet machine. Those famous palm trees in West Hollywood cause a lot of underground plumbing problems, as do those large hedges which divide properties in this city. Ficus trees are also a major cause of local underground plumbing problems.


    Outdated Galvanized Pipes:

    Galvanized pipes were installed in many homes that were built before the 1960's. Outdated galvanized piping is also common plumbing issue in Los Angeles and West Hollywood. These older pipes eventually will have to be replaced. Today, we use copper or plastic (PVC) pipes. We prefer plastic pipes, since copper pipes are subject to damage over time.


    We are fully conversant in all aspects of drainage solutions and plumbing issues specific to West Hollywood. Whether your plumbing issue involves a simple clogged shower, tub, toilet or drain, or if you have a major problem with your main sewer line, we have the experience, the knowledge and the latest technology to resolve any plumbing or drainage issue.


    Just give us a call and we can be at your doorstep within an hour with a trained, knowledgeable plumbing technician armed with the latest technology and tools to effectively resolve any plumbing issue.

    (323) 928-3002

    Grease Trap-Cleaning Services For West Hollywood Reseturants

    GFor all restaurants and food factories that keep our bellies full of delicious food, we offer grease trap cleaning services.

    Cleaning a grease trap in your restaurant is one of the most important things and, besides affecting your ability to produce many delicious snacks, all those oils filled with food waste can spread a nasty, rotting smell throughout the whole restaurant.

    Knowing your grease traps are in perfect condition and can endure any work volume will put your mind at ease and allow you to run your restaurant business to the best of your abilities.

    Servicing Celebrity Homes,

    Landmark Restaurants, National Retail Chains

    If you have a clogged toilet in West Hollywood, and the regular plunger and plunging is not helping or plumbing snake is not enough then you should call a Licensed plumber to repair the issue fast, otherwise you might have an overflow causing damages


    We also have many celebrities in the West Hollywood area and the Hollywood Hills as our regular customers. And many famous landmark restaurants on Third Street and on La Cienega’s “Restaurant Row” rely on us to keep their grease traps and drains in their kitchens running smoothly.


    We also provide plumbing and drain-cleaning services to many local retail stores and renowned national retail chains including Ross Dress For Less, CVS/Rite Aid, Sam's club, Sports Authority, Performance Bicycle among other nationally-known retail brands. Let Mr. Speedy Plumbing & rotter Inc be your plumbing service – you are in good company.