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5 of the Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

5 of the Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

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Summer season is a time of the year most people look forward to. With bright days and a lot of sunshine, neighbors, friends, and families gather for afternoon parties, backyard barbecues among a host of other typical summer activities. But that’s not to say it’s all sunshine and laughter all summer. Like the popular murphy’s law states, “if anything can go wrong, then it probably will.”

Just like with every season of the year, summer also has unique plumbing issues that can potentially occur. While most people typically associate plumbing problems with cold winter months, summer days can be just as savage on your plumbing especially when proper care is not taken.

Hence the need to know and prepare yourself for potential damages. Some of these damages arise due to natural changes in weather patterns on summer days. Plumbing issues can also occur due to some activities that have become a traditional part of the summer seasons.

Here are some of the most common plumbing problems you should watch out for this summer.

Clogged Waste Disposal

At the end of all the cooking and partying of summer, your garbage disposal unit will eventually bear the brunt of it all. While most units can easily handle the extra load, bad waste disposal practices can cause damages. Organic products such as vegetables and hard fruits should not be disposed of in your sink-in garbage disposal unit. Doing this can cause damage to the blades.

Similarly, cooking oils and other greasy wastes from garden barbecues, grilling, and other typical summer cookouts should not go into the drain as well. Oils and grease will harden over time and cause drain clogs that can be very difficult to remove. Generally pouring waste/leftover food into the sink is not recommended for any reason at all.

 Damage to the Washing Machine

This is another potential summer damage that isn’t really a direct result of environmental changes. Instead, it is caused by characteristic lifestyle changes in the summer months. The mere fact that your kids are at home means your washing machine will now have to do more work than usual. That’s not to mention all the fun activities of summer that will further test your washing machine to the limit.

Despite the increased loads of laundry, it is generally recommended that you limit how much washing you do at once. Wash your clothes in small batches at a time.

This way you avoid blockages or leaks in your washing machine which can cause messy overflows. You should also check the hoses regularly for damages. Also, since the unit will be getting more use, you should avoid overheating by keeping it away from the wall to improve ventilation.

Checking your unit now before summer arrives and replacing damaged hoses will further prolong its life and ensure that it can stand the test. Also, leaving your washing machine running unattended isn’t a good idea. You should monitor the unit always this way you will be able to stop the machine in case of a fault and get it fixed.

Sewer Line Backups

Summer is not always clear skies and sunshine. Some regions are prone to heavy rain pours and these can have a devastating effect on your plumbing. Heavy rainfall can cause your piping or sewer line to get clogged. This is particularly true for pipes with small cracks already.

As he rain seeps through the soil, the water along with some soil can get into the pipe. This will cause blockages in the long run and the sewer line might soon begin to back up water.

Additionally, the growth of tree roots into these small cracks can further expand the cracks, break the pipe and even block it off completely. Thus you should check your sewer line before summer begins and be sure to replace pipes with cracks and other forms of damages. This way, the problem is minimized when the torrential rains of summer arrive.

A similar issue that may occur in summer as a result of heavy rain is sump pump damage. Having a sump pump is recommended especially if your home has a cellar or basement that is flood-prone. Keeping your sump pump in good condition is important not only for winter months but also from summer as well.

 Blocked Drains and Toilets

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A blocked toilet is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. But with more members of the family at home in the summer (especially the little ones) it is an issue you might end up with.

Kids flush things down the toilet every time so be prepared for them. Hopefully, you won’t end up with something too big for a plunger to handle.

Summer is a time for some beach time fun with your family. But for kids, it is just another opportunity for them to gather more stuff to flush down the toilet.

Pebbles, sand, and seashells can also get caught in swimsuits and end up in your shower at home. Be on the lookout for this too so that you don’t end up with a slow or completely blocked drain.

Sprinkler Issues

You should watch out for issues with your automatic sprinkler system as well. The sprinkler head installed on lawns can become blocked or broken when you mow the lawn among other activities.

This will not only cause water to waste but it can also affect your lawn as well since excessive water may cause the grasses to die. It is recommended that you fix or replace broken sprinkler heads before the start of summer.

Also, ensure that you lower the sprinkler head before you start mowing the lawn. This way you are less likely to damage them.


As a homeowner, it is recommended that you keep a watchful eye on your plumbing and ensure correct services all year round. This way you will be able to avoid damages and detect possible issues and nip them in the bud before further damage is done. You can also speak to a professional Los Angeles plumber for additional tips for keeping your plumbing in good condition in the summer months and beyond. 

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