Types of plumbing pipe found in homes

Types of plumbig pipe found in home

In the ancient Greek, pipes were created using clay and the finished product were used to transport sewage and stream water. And today in the modern world, you can find different materials that are utilized to make pipes. These materials are PVC, PEX, galvanized, copper, and ABS. The pipes are used to supply cold or […]

How To Unclog a Sewer Line in Just 4 Easy Steps

How to unclog sewer line in just 4 easy steps

For many homes in Los Angeles, sewer lines have the biggest potential to cause major plumbing problems. Although necessary in any LA residential and commercial property, if they are old and neglected, they become a weak link for the owner and residents. Not counting the most serious scenarios like pipe breakage and damages caused by […]

Drain Cleaning – Everything You Need To Know

DRAIN CLEANING – THE OTHER SIDE OF PLUMBING Drain cleaning is a specific segment of the plumbing profession. When people think of plumbing, they usually think of pipes, toilets, faucets, sinks, showers & bathtubs. When something goes wrong, you call a plumber and he comes by and fixes the problem. But many plumbing companies call […]

How to Select a Reliable Plumbing Service Provider: 12 Things to Know

How to Select a Reliable Plumbing Service Provider

Looking for a reliable plumbing service provider in Los Angeles to handle your emergency? Not having any luck? Then this article is for you. First – Who is a Plumber or plumbing contractor? A plumber or a plumbing contractor is a trained professional who installs and maintains systems and fittings related to drinking water and […]