How to Unblock a Badly Clogged Toilet

How to unclog a badly clogged toilet

Clogged toilets are standard in American households, from overuse of toilet paper to flushing items that you probably shouldn’t have; badly clogged toilets are an annoying issue but a relatively easy fix, especially if you know what caused the clog in the first place. A study by the Scott Clog Clinic found that 1 in […]

6 Kitchen Faucet Repairs You Can FIX Fast

6 Ways You Can Fix a Broken Faucet

You probably can handle a leaky faucet by yourself, but the kitchen faucet may prove to be more challenging. All that clanking and squeaking and water spraying may make you realize you need help from a professional plumber. However, there are some faucet problems you can hope to resolve on your own. Read on to […]

Tankless Water Heater: Should You Really Have One?

Tankless Water Heater: Should You Really Have One

We underestimate sometimes the amount of luxury the modern age brings us with things like having hot water available at all times. So, naturally, when we face a water heater problem we start looking at the best possible solution that will last a long time. Knowing that the average water heater will last you a […]

West Hollywood Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

West Hollywood Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Mr. Speedy Plumbing specializes in handling West Hollywood Plumbing repairs (we are experts in West Hollywood trenchless sewer line repair). People at the West Hollywood City Hall on Sweetzer knows Mr. Speedy Plumbing because we go there frequently to pull plumbing permits. Have you seen the new automated parking structure […]

Los Angeles Real Estate Sewer Line Inspection    

Ask any real estate broker around, if you are in escrow on a single-family home in Los Angeles and the house is connected to city sewer (some properties in LA are septic), you should absolutely get a sewer line inspection as part of your Los Angeles home inspection. Why is it important to get a […]