8 Reasons Why You Have Stinky Plumbing Issues

8 reasons why you have a stinky plumbing issues

Have you recently noticed a rather pungent, foul smell wafting up from your sink, that made you puke? Is your drain gurgling? Is there a noticeable smell from your toilet after flushing? These are all signs that you have a plumbing issue, and there is no better time to act than now! Stinky plumbing can […]

Burst Pipe: Common Problems and Effective Solutions

Burst pipe Common Problems and Effective Solutions

While flooding and storm damage are obvious causes of water damage, frozen and corroded or burst pipes may be less evident but still lead to costly damage for homeowners. What are the odds your home will suffer from water damage caused by burst pipes? Well, you may be in for a shock. In Los Angeles […]

Now Operating: Mr. Speedy Plumbing in Lawndale CA

Mr Speedy Plumbing Shop Now In Lawndale CA

Grand Opening: Mr. Speedy Now A Plumber In Lawndale CA Mr. Speedy Plumbing & Rooter, Inc. is pleased to announce the grand opening of our newest full-service plumbing shop in Lawndale CA. The phone number is (310) 803-9766. The plumbing service shop officially opened on April 1st, 2022. The new shop will serve the city […]

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Plumbing

When it comes to smart living, many people wouldn’t think plumbing can change your day-to-day life for the better. But those who have cracked the code and discovered the benefits of energy-efficient plumbing are now not only saving the planet, one gallon at a time, but are also doing it with a thick wallet. No […]