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Welcome To Mr Speedy Plumbing Service!

How to find affordable plumbing and drain cleaning services in Los Angeles?

How to find affordable plumbing and drain cleaning services in Los Angeles?

How To Find affordable plumbing drain cleaning services in Los Angeles

Looking for an affordable plumbing or drain cleaning service in LA?

Let’s Face it. We all need a plumber once in a while. Even if you are skilled in doing basic plumbing repairs, or big fan of watching Plumbing DIY tips on youtube, you would require the professional plumbing and drain services of plumbers every once in a while.

And in hiring a plumber, you have to factor in the cost of the services. Of course, you would opt for an affordable range, but it is not quite easy to find a budget-friendly plumbing service with superior performance in Los Angeles.

Factors that affect plumbing and drain services costs in Los Angeles

The first thing you probably will do is to search for plumbers near you and read reviews online, however you should know plumbing and drain services costs differ due to some factors.

  • Emergency plumbing services: In emergency situations, professional plumbers charges more.
  • Types  of plumbing companies: Small sized companies offer affordable prices compared to large plumbing corporations.

Though the costs vary for plumbers, you should know that it does not completely imply the kind of plumbing service you’ll receive. At the end of the day, the work done is reliant on the expertise and dedication of the plumber to get the job right.

No matter how expensive or affordable the service fees are, if the work is sloppy, then you’re not happy. It is imperative that you know how to hire the best plumber for a great job.

How to hire a professional plumber in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is full of professional plumbers offering their services to their residents. It can sometimes get tricky to hire one, but there are two important steps in hiring that you must always remember.


Word-of-mouth recommendation never gets old, and it works. Get references of a plumber from people you know, especially if they have first-hand experience with the plumber’s services.

Ask for a quote

A good plumbing company sends a plumber into your home to check the plumbing and drain service you require. And after the inspection, an estimate is provided. So think twice about hiring someone who gives a quote over the phone.  

Average plumbing and drain services cost in Los Angeles

Professional plumbers in the city of Los Angeles have variety in costs for their expert services.
Plumbing services including materials and parts for the repair:

  • Commercial plumbing – $122 to $131 per hour, with an average cost of $125.95
  • Residential plumbing – $91 to $103 per hours, with an average cost of $97.54

Drain services & sewer line inspection:

  • Blockages and clogs – $151 to $181 per hours, with an average cost of $168
  • Drain line video inspection – $311 to $366 per hour, with an average cost of $339

Costs can increase if repairs are needed.

Tips in hiring a professional plumber in Los Angeles

Hiring an expert plumber in Los Angeles is not easy, since the efficiency of your plumbing system is at stake. So before you hire one, let’s explore some tips on how you can get affordable, yet high quality plumbing and drain services in the city.

Careful with plumbing companies with tons of ads

Yes, TV, newspaper, social media, and radio ads are great to create awareness about plumbing companies. How else would they let their target market know that they exist?

However, a company that spends loads of money on marketing would surely compensate for their expenses through the cost of their services. Tendency is, you would be paying much more than what you can pay a small-sized plumbing company or individual plumber.

Detailed information of parts and fixtures

Plumbing parts and fixtures are typically purchased through wholesale by plumbers, which is why they can afford to be flexible with their costs. But it’s a good idea to get the detailed estimates of the prices for each part and fixture. This process is vital in determining how transparent the plumber is.

Hire licensed plumbers only

Always hire a professional plumber with a license and registered as a plumber in the city. This ensures the quality of service, as well as avoids legal issues with the plumbing task.

Make sure coupons are accurate and logical:

Giving out coupons may feel good at first. But hiring a plumber who gives out enticing coupons could actually be plotting to charge you more. So check for hidden fees and be smart enough to weigh your options.

Weekday work only

Set the work schedule for weekdays only, within the hours of 8a.m. to 5p.m. Plumbers are known to charge extra when they are required to work during holidays, after-hours, or weekends. But of course, don’t let your plumbing and drain services needs to wait if you have an emergency at home.


When you need plumbing and drain services in Los Angeles, look for an affordable option that does not sacrifice the quality of work. Take your time in finding the best professional plumber, and never be blinded by cheap costs. Always prioritize the quality, safety, and efficiency of work.

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