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Welcome To Mr Speedy Plumbing Service!

7 Signs It Could Be Time to Call a Plumbing In Los Angeles

7 Signs It Could Be Time to Call a Plumbing In Los Angeles

Woman looking at a pipe leak emergency plumbing in Los Angeles calling a plumber

If you currently experiencing a problem with your plumbing, there is a great possibility that the problem did not just begin today. In fact, in most cases, a plumbing issue would have started, days or even month before things go out of hands.

Luckily, for the observant homeowners, there are telltale signs that alert us about an impending problem in the plumbing line. However, most of us are simply too busy to pay attention to it. In other cases especially for the DIY enthusiasts, we simply opt to tinker about with the pipes and faucets instead of calling for professional help.

While there is nothing wrong in trying to fix a fault in your piping if it is minor enough for you to handle, it is most times just a temporary solution. Also, there is chance that what you call a minor fault is a sign of a bigger problem somewhere.

This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to call your LA plumber if you notice some of these signs. Doing this will prevent the problem from becoming bigger and more complicated. Not to mention more expensive to take care of.

Here are 7 important signs that you shouldn’t ignore when you notice & call a plumber right away! 

1. Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is one of the most common tell-tale signs of a problem in your pipes. Even if most of us don’t particularly give much thought to how fast water drains in the kitchen sink it is easy to spot when it has slowed down.

Slow drainage is the surest sign that there is a clog somewhere in the pipes that are preventing water from flowing as normally as it should. This could be caused by anything from grease, insoluble food leftovers or hair, and gels in bathroom sinks that have become hardened over time.

While a slow drain caused by clogs in the piping is sometimes easy to clear our using some simple DIY tips and tricks, it is best to call in a professional especially if the problem is recurrent. A professional LA plumber will be able to probe your piping using specialized equipment and find out the exact cause of the clog and where the blockage is. This way a more precise solution will be applied before the problem gets out of hand and your sink stops draining entirely.

2. Backflow

If you’ve experienced backflow before you have to admit it is one of the nastiest plumbing issues you can encounter. Having bad, smelly water flow back up when you flush and possibly ruining your floor and rugs could be very frustrating.  But it also a clear enough sign that something is wrong with your sewer line somewhere.

This could be caused by anything from a buildup of wastes due to unhygienic habits like flushing items that aren’t supposed to be dumped in the toilet. These could include sanitary towels, kid toys, and so on.

If you feel up to it and you don’t mind getting your hands soiled attempting to plunge the toilet might clear out the problem. But in some cases, you might be dealing with a bigger problem than what a plunger can solve.

If your sewer line is being blocked by a tree root, for example, you most definitely have to call in qualified plumbing professionals that have an Hydro jetting machine to clear out the issue and prevent a recurrence of nasty backflows.

3. Poor Water Pressure

Similar to having a slow drain, low water pressure is a sure sign that there is something blocking the pipes meant to deliver water to your faucet. It could also be a problem with the faucet itself due to blockage in the aerator of the faucet which consequently reduces the amount of water that it is able to deliver.

A drop in pressure can also be an indication of something bigger going on with your entire plumbing or a leak somewhere in the line and should be looked into without delay.

If what you are experiencing is a blockage in the pipe preventing easy water flow you can end up with burst pipes and loose fittings if the issue is not fixed immediately.

Rather than cause further damage by trying to fix things yourself, it is best to simply call in the pros. They will be able to determine the real cause of the issue and recommend the best solutions for you.

4. Mold growth

Mold Growth

Molds can only grow and spread in damp environments. Thus if you notice mold growth on any part of your walls or roof, it would mean that moisture is continuously getting to that area as a result of a possible leak in the piping.

The worst part is that there is a very good chance that the problem has be on for a while which means you should call in a professional to assess the situation as fast as possible.

Mold growth can constitute a safety and health hazard. It could also cause untold damage to your property as it weakens the structure over time and you might need to carry out some renovation works even after the mold is removed.

5. Noise in your drains, sinks, toilet or even behind the wall

Another tell-tale sign that something might be wrong with your plumbing and you will need professional help is when you hear unusual noises when you make use of any of your plumbing fixtures. This could be in form of gurgling water when you run the dishwasher or laundry and is usually caused by trapped water in the faucet as a result of a clog in the drain.

A gurgling sound can also be caused by bubbles formed by trapped air in the drain which is also an indication of a blockage. If you leave this unattended to, you might end up with a backflow at some point which is quite inconvenient to deal it. Simply turn off your faucet when you hear this noise and call your professional LA plumber.

Another sound that can alert you that something might be wrong is when you hear the sound of running water behind your walls even when no one is using your kitchen or restroom. This would mean that there is a leak somewhere. This

  • Wastes water
  • Costs you extra on your water bill
  • Can lead to further damages to your plumbing
  • Put your building at risk.

Call an LA plumber as soon as possible to find the source of the sound and fix it immediately.

6. Frequent bouts of nausea, headaches, breathing difficulty and Fatigue

Sometimes, this long list of symptoms can simply mean you are ill. But it could also mean something else too especially if you use gas for heating and cooking. These symptoms can be a sign of a natural gas leak and could be very dangerous if not checked.

If they are recurrent and you have not been diagnosed with any particular illness, then you should call in a plumber to check your gas lines.

Sometimes you would also perceive a scent if you have a sensitive sense of smell. A gas leak apart from being hazardous to health can also cause a fire. Thus you should invite a plumber as soon as you suspect a leak to arrest the problem before it gets worse.

7. No Water

Are you always running out of water inexplicably?

Then there is most likely a leak somewhere in your line. This could be subtle and mostly undetectable since a good number of pipes run underground or behind walls. This is one problem you most times will be unable to figure out on your own and calling a plumber to check it out.

Luckily an LA plumber like Mr. Speedy Plumbing and Rooter Inc. will not only detect problems with underground pipes but can also fix the issue without too much invasive digging into your walls or ground.

With Mr. Speedy you can also be sure of quick and efficient response when you call in to make an inquiry of book an appointment to have your plumbing checked. The technicians will arrive on right time, access the damage to your plumbing line and suggest possible solutions while recommending the best alternatives you can explore to fix it permanently.  Call the best reviewed LA plumber today, Mr. Speedy!


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